Buzz, buzz, Come Celebrate World Honey Bee Day with us This Friday

Buzz, buzz! 

This Friday, August 19th from 3 - 7pm, together with Barna Bee Honey, and other community partners, we will be celebrating World Honey Bee Day. In addition to 38+ vendors selling farm-fresh honey, beeswax products, and locally pollinated fruits and vegetables and more.

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Did You Know?

There are many insects and birds we depend on as pollinators in our environment. Honey bees are well-known pollinator insects. Honey bees often get a bad name by people associating stings with them along with the misconception that they are thought to be aggressive. People that are unfamiliar with honeybees usually group them with other types of bees like bumblebees, yellow jackets, and wasps. Honey bees are different from other types of bees in that they can produce larger amounts of honey and are social insects that function together as a colony. Within a colony, each honey bee has a job or makes a contribution to that colony.

The main reason that honey bees are so important in our environment is in their role as pollinators. As honey bees travel from flower to flower, they are spreading pollen that will fertilize flowers and result in fruits and seeds. Some plants fully depend on the honeybee to spread pollen that would otherwise not be well dispersed resulting in poor pollination and poor fruit set. Join us at Market on Friday and learn more about the importance of honey bees.

Sunflowers produce a huge amount of pollen and nectar making so many of our pollinators very happy, too. Pollen from sunflowers has been found to boost the immune systems of bumble bees and honey bees against debilitating pathogens

It’s the perfect time to stop by for a tasting of Pindar's Sunflower Chardonnay. The grapes for this wine come from a special vineyard site of only 3.9 acres. This limited special reserve is lightly oaked and has vanilla and caramel notes, with a back palate of apple and pear. Perfectly balanced with a bright splash of acidity, it is a magnificent pairing for lobster and tangy salads.

Robert Parker Wine Advocate - 88pts


Happy #WorldHoneyBeeDay 

Celebrate pollinators and beekeeping by buzzing by Three Village Farmers Market on Friday from 3 -7pm!

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