Can you believe it's already time to get back to work and school...

The sun is still shining, and it still feels as if summer is in full swing, but somehow or other, it's already time to get back to work and school.   If you are looking for a wide variety of healthy farm-grown veggies or artisanal goods or high-quality vendors with lots of new items, we’ve got you covered. Every Friday is a delicious adventure at TVM.

Mark, The Big Cheese is back this week with three new cheeses…a stinky, a blue and a sheep! Chef Giovanni’s seasoned nuts and hot sauces is back from holiday in Disney! 

There is nothing better than FRESH Seafood, locally caught fish and shellfish caught by our Fisherfamily....... Catch of the Hamptons.  

Continuing on with our CCE Fisheries Series, CCE will be creating another fantastic fresh-local fish surprise!  Be sure to stop by and have a taste of what Kristin will be serving-up this month. 


Prepare for Back-to-School Week

Start the day in a nutritious and delicious way with a fresh quiche and how about a great family dinner from Bambinos Raviolis! This will fill their tummy (and minds & hearts) with good foods and family! 

This Friday in the kidz tent, we’ll be building LEGO Towers—which we know has nothing to do with farming or food just some good plain old fun before back to school.

VEGAN and NEW GLUTEN free products  …Using  EUROPEAN recipe, Vegan Cheesecakes and Fresh-made, organic french Macarons from:  Finest Macarons .  Welcome Joe and Kay of the Perfect Macarons! Joe and his family just moved here to Setauket, welcome to the community!  The vegan cheesecake it to die for, when we tasted we couldn’t agree on which one we liked best blueberry or raspberry.  Which will be your favorite?

Be sure to check out the 8th annual Culper Spy Day on Saturday, September 10th presented by the Three Village Historical Society and Tri-Spy Tours and made possible by the generosity of title sponsor, Heritage Spy Ring Golf Club.

Culper Spy Day is a collaboration of local historical and cultural organizations that host diverse events to tell the amazing history behind the Culper Spy Ring.

More than 30 organizations will have a part of the Revolutionary story to educate and entertain.


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