Meet Bev! Did You Know?

Did you know?

We have a treasure available to us here at Market on most Fridays. Bev Tyler is the Three Village Historical Society’s Historian, and Education Committee Chair, a local author, and oh so much more. As the TVHS Historian, Bev is responsible for matters relating to our community’s past. Bev loves photography, history and travel and has an interesting history himself:
Bev holds a degree in Applied Science with a major in Photographic Technology and worked at Peerless Photo Products in Shoreham as a Quality Control Technician in Telsa's laboratory designed by Stanford White. It’s known as the Long Island Science Museum.
Bev was a commercial Pilot and certified as a Ground Instructor. Past Commander United States Power Squadron, Qualified Instructor coastwise & celestial navigation. U.S. Navy Quartermaster, U.S.S. Franklin D. Roosevelt. U.S.C.G. Motorboat Operators License.
  • F.A.A. Air Traffic Specialist, Supervisor, Area Manager, Operations Manager, New York AIFSS.
  • Chaired, Three Village Bicentennial Committee
  • Past President, Three Village Historical Society,
  • Past President, Frank Melville Memorial Foundation,
  • Past President & Trustee, Vanderbilt Museum,
  • Chaired, Town of Brookhaven 350th Anniversary Committee
Bev was a team lead for the AASLH Katrina on-site evaluation in 2005 and a member of the AASLH “Pathways” Task force 1999-2003. He writes a bi-weekly local history column for the local newspaper
He has also written articles for a number of Long Island magazines and was featured in the History Channel’s Histories Mysteries production Spies of the Revolutionary War
Bev brings our local history to life, he has published and is the photographer of 5 books and three walking tour guides on Long Island local history. As a great resource Bev is a key player in the Founders Day student program.
Being an educator to the core, Bev is always learning something new! You too are part of our history, come and learn more on Fridays. You can generally find Bev, by the Historical Society’s sign surrounded by his books. Ask him anything—you’ll find he’s a great resource! While you’re at it, pop into the Museum for a tour and visit the gift shop, these photos are a sneak peek inside.
Thank you, Bev for making history so interesting for us, we appreciate every conversation we have with you. Special thanks to the Three Village Historical Society for hosting us every Friday!
Photo credit: Robert P.

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