Opening Day This Friday, June 3rd!

The moment is upon us! Can you hear the birds singing, the bells ringing? Is your mouth watering for the locally-grown seasonal produce and local delicacies about to fill your tote bags? Join us, this Friday, June 3rd from 3 - 7 PM, rain or shine, on the grounds of the Three Village Historical Society and let's kick off the 2022 season together! Support vendors, gather with neighbors, take the kiddos on a Fun Market Scavenger Hunt (important information below!), enjoy live music by Alex Alexander, and much more. Thank you so much to our Community Executives for also joining us for our Opening Day Ribbon Cutting. We feel grateful to have so many Fridays ahead of us with neighbors like you!

What's Fresh?  Be tempted!

Asparagus, Arugula, baby lettuce, baby spinach, beets, bok choy, broccoli raab, carrots, cheese, collard greens, fingerling potatoes, green onion, Hot House Tomatoes, kale, leeks, lettuce, microgreens, mushrooms, mustard greens, ornamental radish, peonies,  pickles, red radishes, salad greens, scallions, spinach, spring greens, spicy mix, strawberries, yu choy and I’m pretty sure I’ve missed some others…

Seafood/oysters: a variety of fish, we can’t tell you what Catch of the Hamptons Seafood is bringing because they haven’t caught it yet!  —the boats will be out tomorrow and everything will be fileted tomorrow night, fresh off the boat.

All-season: bread, jam, fresh fudge, coffee, cookies, gluten free, granola, honey, hot sauces, hummus, jams, seasoned nuts, pasta, popsicles, sauces, soup, toffee, vegan and gluten-free options, spices…

Drinks: beer, coffee, wine, sprits, juice, and our Donation Hydration Station (more about that below)

Artisans:  pottery, jewelry, soaps and…more from our weekly scheduled guests

Ready to Eat Foods: Empanadas and Mac & Cheese Cupcakes, Mediterranean Foods, Quiche.  NOTE:  No food truck this week

Four Harbors Audubon Society is bringing their sensory exhibit and Port Jefferson Salt Cave is bringing their, singing bowls.

Live Music by: Alex Alexander!

This Weeks Kids Activity

Join us this Friday, June 3rd for a self-guided scavenger hunt, between 3:30 and 6:30pm or until supply lasts, with our Market Kids Volunteer, Julia. This is a great activity for kids to get to know the market, practice interacting with vendors and other customers, and enjoy a fun interactive experience while you shop the Market together. Come by the Chocology tent to join the hunt!  This weeks kids event is sponsored by Chocology.

Town of Brookhaven Recycling Giveaway

We hope the more you know... the smarter you'll throw. 

The Town of Brookhaven Department of Recycling will be on hand and sharing recycling information and giving away FREE paper recycling bins--while supply lasts! Come by early.

Build the Barn Donation Hydration-Station.  

Reminder:  This season all of our donations from the Hydration-Station will go to the TVHS for the new Barn!

If you would like to donate a case of water towards the cause, see Linda at the Chocology tent.  

So drink up and CHEERS!


Have you seen our road signs around town?  We could use your help with spreading the word that Three Village Farmers Market is open on Fridays from 3 - 7pm! You can help by adopting a road sign and placing it in your neighborhood or on a nearby busy street every Friday, so your neighbors know the market is open.

Simply email to linda@chocologyunlimited, if you are interested, then pick up your sign at the fudge tent on Friday!

You're in charge of putting up and taking it down every Friday and storing it throughout the week.

Must be a Three Village resident.

Ready to adopt?

Please help spread the word, share this email, and tell you friends and neighbors. Also Like, follow, and share us on Social Media, we thank you and we appreciate you.

Looking forward to seeing you on Friday.

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