Pollinator Day at Three Village Farmers Market, Friday, July 24

It's National Pollinator Week!  Celebrate pollinators and beekeeping by coming to Three Village Farmers Market on Friday, June 24th between 3 and 7pm.  

Honeybees are one well-known pollinator insects....Barna Bee Honey Bee Keeper, Margaret Barna will be shareing information and answering questions about honey bees and beekeeping.  There will also bee a scavenger hunt for the kids with free honey tastings and loads more.  

There are many insects and birds we depend on as pollinators in our environment.  4 Harbors Audubon Society will be on hand to educate us on the importantance of pollinators.

Learn all about amazing bees and other pollinators! Bring the kiddos, it's going to BEE buzzing! 

Did you know? 

"Three quarters of our food diversity is pollinated to some degree by bees." Simply put, we wouldn't have farmers markets without bees, so it is important to acknowledge and protect them. 


Bee on the lookout for these signs at the market

The Market will also showcase food On Your Plate BEE-cause of Pollinators!  

Foods On Your Plate BEE-cause of Pollinators are from a wide range of products, think: produce and fruit, honey, fresh flowers, cheese products, nuts and hot sauces, coffee, tea etc., as well as artisan-made goods; think BEEswax candles, soaps, BEE-u-ti-ful jewelry, art and other pantry items.


--Introducing the Barna Bee Bus

--Meet a real BeeKeeper and Taste Fresh Honey!

--Plant Sunflower (pollinator) seeds to take home!

--4 Harbors Audubon Society will be on hand with a display on native bees plus an activity for kids!

--All About BEEs Kids Scavenger hunt for pollinator facts.

--Driveway art - draw your favorite bees, butterfly or other pollinators.

The Farmers, Makers, Bakers, Fishmonger, Oyster Farmer, Artisans and Beekeeper of TVM

Happy #NationalPollinatorsWeek

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