TVM Supports a Healthy Community — glimpse into our June Health & Wellness Schedule

In today’s fast-paced world, many Americans don’t know where their food comes from – let alone who made it, baked it, grew it, or how it was grown. Our connection to food has diminished to nothing more than a quick transaction at the check-out line or a click online, with no thought to who is behind the spinach in our salads or the fish on our grills. 

One of Three Village Markets goals is to reconnect our community to our food system. We create an opportunity where farmers and local small business can simultaneously sell fresh and local foods and serve as food educators, revitalizing the way we shop and eat.

TVM is a place where vendors and neighbors meet to socialize and exchange ideas around cooking, nutrition, and agriculture. What produce is in season? What’s a healthy way to prepare asparagus? What did you make, bake or catch today? These answers can be found at TVM – answers that educate, inform, and build relationships between communities, farmers, local entreprenaurs and food. 

Unlike other food retail outlets, TVM fosters a sense of community among our shoppers. Not only do patrons shop for farm fresh food, but they also engage in conversation, meet neighbors, and enjoy the festive atmosphere with family and friends. Research indicates people thrive and are naturally happier when socially connected. TVM supports emotional health by creating a cheerful space where people come together for laughter, fellowship, food, and fun. 

This season we are really proud to welcome Health and Wellness vendors into our Market.

June Health and Wellness Lineup
June 3 —Port Jeffeson Salt Cave
June 10 —'Mondays at Racine'—Gypsy Hair Lounge
June 10 —Stony Brook Cancer Center
June 17— Mindful Turtle--yoga class
June 24 — Redefine Fitness

Stony Brook Mobile Mammography
is heading to Three Village Market

For appointment information, contact Linda at 631.901.7151

We are currently screening Health and Wellness  vendors, so if you are interested, or know of someone who you think could be a exceptional vendor, have them contact Linda at either linda@chocologyunlimited or 631.901.7151 for more information.  All Health & Wellness vendors are by invitation only.

We're so excited for our amazing community Farmers Market, less than 6 weeks to Opening Day.   Remember to mark your calendar— Opening Day, Rain or Shine, June 3rd from 3-7pm

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We're so looking forward to seeing you all in June!

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