What's Your WHY?

The Three Village Farmers Market exists to serve all of our Three Village neighbors and to connect them to high-quality, local foods.

We believe in the value of farmers markets. We know that…

-By shopping local, customers reduce their negative environmental impact,

-The food at TVM tastes better and fresher,

-Our farmers use practices that are better for the earth than Big Agricultural companies, 

-When people, especially children, are exposed to the bounty of foods produced locally and those who make and grow them, they are more excited to try diverse and nutritious foods, 

-Dollars spent at TVM stay in our regional economy and support small business owners that you care about,

-This season we are bringing so much more to the Market, health, wellness, local non-profits, lots of live music, we want to be a gathering place for our Three Village community to connect, learn, and enjoy life.

In 2022, it is our goal to share these values and truths with even more members of the Three Village community. To do that effectively, we need your voices and input.  Would you take a moment (only a moment) to let us know why you shop at Three Village Farmers Market? 

Thank you for your help!

Do you have a business that is seeking to gain more Three Village customers? Do you have philanthropic goals to support small business, environmental sustainability, culture, education, or food access?  Do you want to make a real impact in the lives of your neighbors? Join us and let's discuss meaningful ways to partner for the 2022 season. E-mail linda@chocologyunlimited.com  to learn more about sponsorships and creative ways to work together in support of your business's vision.

We'll return in June 2022

Connecting our residents to local producers fosters new relationships to blossom, promotes experiential learning by trying new foods, and supports the community gathering space where we greet our neighbors while listening to live music and shopping for seasonal produce, cut flowers, tasty cuisine and artisanal crafts.

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