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Our passion is bringing you the freshest and most delicious local fruits and vegetables you can find on Long Island.   We are a longtime farming family and take pride in what we grow and sell, our fair prices, and our role in helping reconnect our community with Long Island's rich agriculture heritage.  

Join us as we travel through the seasonal rounds of the growing year and we promise that we'll help you remember the simple joy of honest and healthy food that will make your meals a celebration of life. 

Maryanne and Joe Deriso 

Question:  Where is the produce coming from since we are too early in the season for growing all these items?

Answer:  It’s the beginning of the LI growing season and right now only a handful of the produce varieties are local (asparagus, radishes, spinach, leeks, arugula and cilantro) But as the week’s pass into summer more and more will be local until the summer when it is pretty much all local.  But this year, given that so many people have been staying home and many are older and have conditions that make them more susceptible to COVID-19, (and store delivery is oversubscribed) Maryannes Farm Stand is offering produce that although not all local is fresh and fairly-priced as a service to the community.  

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