Behind the Mask: Mark Cassin

This week we’d like to introduce you to another one of our vendors at TVM —Mark Cassin of The Big Cheese NY.  Mark has some seriously delicious New York cheeses!

Mark is the self proclaimed ambassador of NY Cheeses. All he carries are farmstead cheeses sourced from small boutique dairies throughout New York state.  

The Big Cheese NY has been a vendor since the beginning of TVM.

When we talked about the pandemic and difference between the market now and before Covid Mark says: “The difference now is that everything must be pre-packaged and we no longer can sample products.”   What does that do?  “This increases the interaction between customers.. rather than just sample, we have real conversations about cheese.”  Marks favorite subject

When asked what inspired Mark about vending at TVM, Mark said, “I love the setting ...that it is a FRIDAY ....and it sets the mood for the rest of the weekend.. our HAPPY HOUR market…!!!”



When I asked how he recharges outside of he, they answer come quickly:  "I cook... Everything I cook when entertaining comes from the various markets I do.. What more can you ask for.. fresh food and supporting local farms and businesses..!!!”  Personally, I believe Mark is a bit of a Chef as well.

Do you have any favorite market foods or tips you can share?

Yeah.... CHEESE..

What’s something people may not know about the farmers market or your vending at TVM?

Just that everyone at the market works very hard.. not just 3-7 on Fridays, but all week to bring them the best. Stop at all the booths and chat with the vendors..

When I asked Mark how he got into the cheese game?

It all started 10 years ago as research with the idea of opening a cheese shop. I apprenticed at Mecox Bay Dairy for four years while honing my cheese knowledge and skills.Thats when I realized doing markets gave me best opportunity to reach more customers and spread the word about NY Dairies..!!

Mark is always looking for new cheeses. Cheeses rooted in tradition and style. “I don’t just pick what I likes but what may be suited to my customers’ palate.”   ALWAYS LOOKING…!!

I try to have cheeses made  from goat, sheep, and cow milks. We’ll have hard, soft creamy, sharp.. Always going to have chevres, soft ripened , Cheddar’s, spreads.. basically a mini cheese shop on wheels..!!!

What makes this Farmers Market different from others?

Our customers are loyal, educated and appreciative of the products they buy.

If you’re interested in learning more about cheeses stop by on Friday and have a chat with Mark, he’s a wealth of knowledge.  And sells some pretty awesome cheese.