Long Island Explorium's Port Jefferson Rain Garden

Here is a project that we absolutely love and are proud to be a part of.  

This Friday, October 2nd we are partnering with the Long Island Explorium and giving away native plant seedlings!  The first 100 shoppers, will receive free seedlings to plant at their home or property within the Long Island Sound Watershed, which includes the Three Village area and towns on the north shore.


"Rain gardens are designed to capture and treat stormwater, by providing drainage and removing pollutants." 

The Long Island Explorium has installed 3 native plant rain gardens at the Village Center, Village Hall, and Department of Public Works location with volunteers. The rain gardens are located in high-visibility public sites and provide natural landscaping guidance to community members in Port Jefferson.  The project will demonstrate to visitors using the Bridgeport-Port Jefferson ferry how rain gardens improve the water quality and biodiversity of Long Island Sound.


What is a Rain Garden?

Rain gardens are designed to capture and treat stormwater, by providing drainage and removing pollutants.

The Village Center rain garden receives stormwater from the paved area near the garden. An entire 1.2 inch – 24 hour rain event will be captured and treated as it passes through the rain garden.

The plant roots treat nitrogen, phosphorus, fecal coliform and suspended solids which are carried by the stormwater to the rain garden. Rain gardens allow water to filter slowly into the ground rather than running off to storm drains that discharge to surface water (such as the Port Jefferson Harbor) or to groundwater. Groundwater, when infiltrated to the aquifers, provides drinking water for Long Islanders. After passing through a rain garden, stormwater has been filtered and heavy metals, petroleum products and fecal coliform have been removed and absorbed by the plants.

The plants used in the Explorium's rain garden are mainly native to Long Island. They support pollinator habitat by attracting our native bees, butterflies an birds. 

From schools and parking lots to your driveway and home, rain gardens can be planted anywhere you have runoff!

To view photos and descriptions of all four different plant varieties available as part of this giveaway and to read additional planting information, chick this link.

Thank you to the Long Island Sound Futures Fund (LISFF) for their grant in the creation of the Long Island Explorium's Port Jefferson Rain Garden