TVM Behind the Mask: Tracy Marlowe

Meet Tracy Marlowe who has been with TVM for 3-years.

Earlier this week I interviewed Tracy Marlowe of Tracy Marlowe New York. Tracy has been an outstanding market vendor with us for years; Tracy creates jewelry using ordinary materials. This week it was wonderful to spend some time with Tracy and document her story and her passion.  

When I asked Tracy to tell us about herself, her product and history at TVM she said.  "I’ve always been inspired by creating something beautiful out of ordinary materials. Growing up, exploring the natural beauty of Long Island, that inspiration evolved into a jewelry line that is both classic and bohemian…sophisticated and chic, yet laid back and casual. This is my third year at the TVM. It’s the perfect place to share my work, with our local community, alongside side other local small business owners."

How has your work changed since the pandemic?

I’ve always thought of jewelry as the icing on our cake! It reflects our personal style and completes our look. A pair of earrings can emphasize the color of your eyes, or take a plain outfit from work to wow! The pandemic changed all of that. These days, we’re not wearing our favorite sparkly gold hoops. The pieces we reach for now, are the ones that evoke a feeling within ourselves. The jewelry I’ve made during the pandemic is meant to inspire the wearer, incorporating gemstones that are said to heal and protect, feel-good pieces that celebrate our resilience, and remind us that we are strong, even during the most challenging times.

What motivates you about being a vendor at TVM?

I look forward to Friday’s market all week! I love chatting with customers (many who return every week), visiting with all the vendors, choosing something great from each one for Friday night’s dinner. It’s my favorite day of the week!

What do you do to recharge outside of work?

When I’m not working, my favorite thing to do is hop in my Jeep, top down, music playing, and head to a local beach to treasure hunt! Nothing better than a West Meadow sunset after collecting rocks to paint. I always go home feeling peaceful and inspired!

Do you have any favorite farmers market foods or tips you can share? 

I’m not sure I can pick just one! Each vendor has something amazing! If I had to choose some favorites… I’d say tomatoes and corn from Anne Marie’s Farm Stand, and every week we try a new type of “Perfect-Pickle” Last week we made steamed clams from Violet’s Cove, using Alamani Spices, herbs from 4E Farm, and soaked up all that deliciousness with Nancy’s bread from Blue Duck Bakery! I always look forward to seeing what new beautiful pottery Julia Vogelle has made. If I had a tip, it would be to take advantage of unusual offerings to experiment with in your kitchen! We tried Lebneh (yogurt cheese) for the first time from Alamani, with Pecks of Maine’s Cranberry Jalapeño Jam… Awesome! Cook with new spices, try new veggies, grill fruit! Ask the vendors for ideas! They’re loaded with them, and they love to share!

Is there anything else you would like our shoppers and market community to know? 

For me, the Farmer’s Market has been the silver lining to the pandemic. After months of quarantine, unable to go about our daily lives, work, socialize or shop, the Farmer’s Market brings the community back together! Linda has created a safe place for us to reconnect (masked and distanced), buy fresh local products, and enjoy a little bit of the culture we’ve been missing out on. I’ve lived in the Three Village area for half my life, raised my children here, and made great friends along the way. The pandemic has shown me that, while life may not always be easy, we truly are all in this together. And we can get through anything.

Come and visit Tracy for truly unique and beautiful pieces.