Chef Giovanni Hot Sauces 5 oz.

Chef Giovanni Hot Sauces 5 oz.

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Chef Giovanni loves hot sauce!  But, he could never find any that were hot enough.  After working with several suppliers, in 2010, he approved recipes for fresh-tasting, all-natural crushed-pepper sauces that now bear the Chef Giovanni brand.

In order of increasing heat level, they are:
*Mango Habanero (mild)
*Garlic Habanero
*Smoky Chipotle
*Heavenly Jalapeño
*Straight-up Habanero
*Scorching Garlic Habanero
*Fiery Habanero
*Scorch Bonnet
*Red-Hot Savina  (extreme)

Two of these were entered into competition--and both won Blue Ribbons at Islip’s Americana Fair--Garlic Habanero, and Roasted Habanero & Garlic.

These sauces are all-natural, free of gluten-containing ingredients, and contain NO preservatives, NO artificial colors, and NO pepper extracts.